August 2014. Promoters, bands, events organisers, labels, bars & fans alike pulled together to organise a make-shift “fall-out” festival that surpassed everyone’s expectations, as a slew of bands we know and love descended on London to play a series of gigs in intimate spaces. We want something a bit like that to happen again. That’s where you come in. With the amount of general enthusiasm and positive attitudes towards live music we witnessed last year we believe we can deliver.

We started out with a simple manifesto: What happens depends entirely on the tickets we sell. We are the fans trying to do something for the fans – If only 8 people buy tickets, it’s a table booked in a restaurant. If 8,000 people buy tickets we have a citywide movement and a budget to deliver an incredible weekend.

We have already made acquired the funding to make this a multi-day event, and we want to be able to do so much more. We have a number of venues lined up that want to be involved. All we need is for the fans to buy tickets and as numbers grow, we will confirm and announce them. This is an event of infinite possibilities.

We won’t be booking anything until the people decide they want it to happen. This will be a joint effort between promoters and fans.

We want this to be a weekend long, multi-venue event. We want to put on the bands you want, in spaces you’ll love. Some you’ll have seen, some you may not have, and all are in close proximity to make seeing as many of those bands as possible, possible.

3 responses to “WYRDOUT

  1. you’re great! thank you x


  2. Seriously good idea. The ATP approach clearly wasn’t working, and this is ready to step up. Now, would the ticket allow entry to multiple gigs? Just something I’d like to know before committing! It’ll be easier to ‘sell’ to my mates, etc.


    • The event becomes what ticket sales make of it. We want it to become a multi-venue, multi-day event. If we sell enough tickets for it to become this, the ticket will give you access to everything. We want to price to be reflective of what any one person can physically see in one weekend and not feel like they are footing the bill for the entire line-up. We want our supporters to be able to reap the benefits of investing in Fall Out 2015.


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