What is it?

We started out with the manifesto: if 8 people buy a ticket it’s a meal booked in a restaurant. If 8000 people buy tickets, we’ve got a citywide movement and a budget to deliver an incredible weekend. This may have come across as naïve. But it becomes what the people make it. We’ve already sold enough tickets to stage a very solid weekend.

When is it? Where is it?

Friday 21 – Sunday 23 August 2015. We don’t want our ticket buyers to be ripped off, were talking Friday night, All afternoon / evening Saturday and an early evening Sunday (with monday morning in mind)!

Friday 21 August (doors 19:30)
Birthdays / The Shacklewell Arms

Saturday 22 August (doors 16:00)
Birthdays / The Victoria

Sunday 23 August (doors 16:00)
Birthdays / The Victoria

Are there age restrictions?

Yes, All venues are 18+, and you might need ID to prove your age.

Why don’t you do it in one venue?

We hope to reach enough demand in order to organically grow the festival, slowly announcing partner DIY promoters and venues as it does.

We want to put on as many great bands as possible for one ticket price. To do things properly it needs to be in more than one space. But don’t worry, our concern is getting a great selection of good bands on rather than pumping as many venues full of people as possible to watch average bands. We want bands to have time to play decent sets, and to have fun themselves, for this they need set up time and we don’t want to compromise on quality. We know how annoying it is when two bands you love clash and we will try to avoid that as much as possible.

Will all the venues be in a close proximity to each other?

All are in a close enough proximity to make seeing as many bands on the line up as possible, possible. Of the core group we currently plan to have, the longest walk is ten minutes. No public transport necessary.

Can I get on the guest list?

No. We have personally pledged and bought tickets ourselves, as we want this to go ahead on the largest scale possible. If everyone goes on the guest list, there is no event. Please give us all the support you can afford.

How can we trust tickets to an event with nothing announced?

This is a completely justified concern. We selected the ticket agencies that we did because they fully secure your ticket money. We want to look as transparent as possible. The nature of the event growing with demand over the course of the next year dictates that it cannot be cancelled. We’ve already outgrown the restaurant; we’re just excited to see what it grows to next.

Does my ticket get me access to everything?

The Worm Catcher ticket will give you a wristband with access to every venue that is a part of Fall Out 2015. It takes balls to put your money where your mouth is and we are rewarding people who invest in the project we believe in.

Will ticket prices increase?

Yes. The worm catcher tickets are only for people who invest their trust in us and lay the foundation for our overall budget. Once we start announcing bands and people start knowing what to expect the price will increase slightly.

Why did you do ticket sales instead of a Kickstarter?

When we started planning announcing Wyrd Out, we sat and discussed the various business models available to us. Our main concern with a Kickstarter is that we had to say, we want it to be X, and therefore we need £Y. Our concern was primarily that it could then fail becoming that, but could have been something lower scale with the people interested. Our secondary concern was that this model also doesn’t allow it to grow organically.

With ticket sales you can develop it as interest grows. We’ve already sold enough tickets to stage an event in one venue. However, due to overwhelming demand from people on email and social media, we have launched a Kickstarter campaign to aid with fundraising here. And would love it if you would pledge to the cause.

Can you put my favourite band on?

We will do everything in our power to put as many bands on that people want to see with the budget we have. The promoters that have shown us interest in being involved demonstrate that if demand dictates, we should end up with a weekend long mix of phenomenal music. We are aware that we are new to this and some bands will not be available to us. We aim to bring as much new and forward thinking music to this festival alongside a few veterans. If you have any hot tips, get in contact!


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