Piano Wire


“an invigorating blend of QOTSA swagger + piercing post-punk” – THE LINE OF BEST FIT

I love watching PIANO WIRE play. Every single time. It’s so exciting to witness the same kind of guitar tension that powered Boston’s Pixies/Breeders axis, cuffed against the wall with Magazine’s straitjacketed postpunk pop, struggling to get free.

Guitars growl from under the floorboards, melodies tighten around your heart. Harmonies and battering rams, guitar strings and piano wire.

Piano Wire are the new band from Sym and Andy, still smouldering from the wreckage of Eighties Matchbox B Line Disaster’s final uncontrolled detonation. Sean and Tim fill out the four here and balance the scales.

The band have been tipped by The Quietus, Clash, Radio 1, Xfm, 6Music, Artrocker, DrownedInSound, The Line Of Best Fit and more.

Their “excellent debut” record, The Genius Of The Crowd, a “lurid post-punk gem”, packs in 8 great songs in under 24 minutes, thrilling and shaking from the off with the “delicious pop-tinged rock-threat” of I’ll Kill You’s 136 seconds of breathless escape.

It balances the shaking and helpless Are You The Vaccine? and Into The
Orchid “conjuring up a veritable shitstorm” with the Elliot Smith-y melodic wordplay of Blue Canyon Eyes‘ beautifully scarred vistas and the dizzy swaggering
of Fossils and Superstar.

The Genius Of The Crowd EP on 12”/DL via Something In Construction on June 8th. A 1. I’ll Kill You 2. Are You The Vaccine? 3. Fossils 4. Blue Canyon Eyes

B 1. Into The Orchid 2. Society 3. Superstar 4. Crushing Violet PRE-ORDER signed copies here and specially priced iTunes EP here

Thanks to Hank for the title.

So they say…
“an excellent debut… they’re pop, but they’re also weird, which is the best kind of

“a lurid post-punk gem. The imagination of The Cramps bolted onto a uniquely

British chassis” – CLASH
“delicious pop-tinged rock-threat, I’ll Kill You… something for shouting along to as

summer saunters into frame” – THE LINE OF BEST FIT
“conjuring up a veritable shitstorm….traces of Husker Du….the most primal

moments of SST Records” DROWNEDINSOUND
“It’s made up of jagged, messed up, wirey guitars and helter skelter drums and, of

course, it’s brilliant“ ARTROCKER
“an invigorating blend of dead-eyed QOTSA swagger and piercing post-punk” THE

“something different and special” THIS YEAR IN MUSIC

“one of the most COMPLETE upcoming bands at the moment, and they’re one of the bands you should ALL listen to” VAPOUR TRAIL

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